Date: 2017-02-23 06:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] turntex
[It is too fucking bright.

Dave doesn't even notice the other person in the room at first, because immediately upon opening his eyes to the too-white room he's groaning and clenching his eyes shut again. He rubs at them for a moment like it'll get rid of the faint ache, and then just continues a few moments longer because the dark is soothing and there's just something strangely addicting about rubbing one's eyes.

Eventually, though, he does sit up to take stock of the situation. Too much white, no visible exits... And for some reason he feels almost exposed. Like people can see too much of him, but hell if he knows where that thought came from.

And then there's a knocking sound, and Dave twists too quickly to see the source, and... oh. There's someone else here.

Said someone else seems busy messing with the wall, though, so Dave takes a moment to just observe. Gray skin and what look like small orange horns just peeking out of a mess of dark hair. Something about all that strikes him as abnormal, but he finds he can't remember enough of anything to say why. All he has to go on is the much pinker color of his own skin, and the lack of any protrusions on his own head.

None of this is clearing the situation up at all, though. So... socializing.]

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